Once Upon a Time in Japan - vertaald door Roger Pulvers & Juliet Winters Carpenter (B-010-1-312)

€ 24,70
Artikelnummer: B-010-1-312

When wily animals, everyday people and magical beings come together in a collection of stories, wonderful things are bound to happen!

Bringing Japanese folk tales to the English -speaking world, this book presents eight stories from the NHK Japan Broadcasting Coroporation's populair radio series, Once Upon a Time in Japan. Each story is brilliantly illustrated by a talented Japanese artist. The tales recounted here are among Japan's oldest and most beloved stories. Entertaining and filled with subtle folk wisdom, these retold stories have been shared countless times in Japanese homes and schools for generations. Like good stories from every time and place, they never grow old. Kids (and their parents?) will enjoy hearing these stories read alound in the accompanying audio CD. 


Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: 23,5 x 20,7 x 1,8 cm
Vertaald door: Rogers Pulvers & Juliet Winters Carpenter