Boek: Kansai Cool, a Journey into the Cultural Heartland of Japan - Christal Whelan (B-040-1-160)

€ 18,50

In Kansai Cool, anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Christal Whelan offers deep insights into the push and pull of old and new in Japan's ancient heartland. Part travel book, part cultural commentary, this collection of 25 essays paints a broad yet penetrating portrait of the region and its unique energy. From deep-seated ancient beliefs in Kyoto to costume play in Osaka and haute cuisine in Kobe, Whelan delves below the surface to let readers experience how art, science, faith and history swirl together in this singular wellspring of Japanese culture. 

Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: 13 x 20 x 1,8 cm
Auteur: Christal Whelan