Boekenlegger # 14 (D-Pom-17-1)

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Artikelnummer: D-Pom-17-1

The woodblock prints of Kawase Hasui (Japanese, 1883-1957) have delighted the West with quiet images of a rural Japan. Images are decidedly of the seasons, bringing the viewer onto a lakeside bank amid gathering snow or through a sunny garden where irises brush bare ankles. Clouds roll or roil above varied landscapes that are given depth with the inked layers inherent to Japanese woodblock printing of the shin hanga, or ''new prints'', movement. 

Hasui created more than 600 images during his career, collaboratin gwith publisher Watanabe SHozaburo's skilled team to meticulously transform his watercolor sketches into prints. By 1956 he had contributed 40 years to Japanese art and was honored as a ''Living National Treasure'' 

Afbeelding: Mt. Fuji Seen from the River Banyu, 1931
Materiaal: plastic, karton
Afmetingen: 22 x 6,8 cm