Origami - the Japanese art of paper folding (B-090-1-344)

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Artikelnummer: B-090-1-344

''Origami calls for precision and imagination. If you flip through the pages of this book, you will find a great variety of familiar things conceived with imagination, style, and often a good deal of humor. Anyone can do this, it has been the special province of Oriental children for centuries by closely following the step-by-step directions. The result is the gradual yet magical materialization of a solid object which delights a child. It is not surprising that Origami is taught in many South American schools. Patience, control, and perseverance in following all directions closely which are the requisites of Origami are part of the mental discipline necessary for a child's growth into maturity.

But adults enjoy Origami just as much. It satisfies the same impulse which, for instance, prompts Winston Churchill to paint; it is an absorbing, creative, and entertaining hobby. Such different men as Shelley and Houdini were ardent paper-folders. Anyone who has completed this book can then go on to invent his own designs.''

Language: English
Cover: paperback
ISBN: 9781522855316