Ms Ice Sandwich - Mieko Kawakami (B-010-1-321)

€ 14,40
Artikelnummer: B-010-1-321

A young boy returns obsessively to a supermarket sanwich counter, entranced by the beauty of the woman who works there. Her aloof demeanour and electric blue eyelids make him feel the most intense joy he's ever known. He calls her Ms Ice Sandwich, and he wants nothing more than to spend his days watching her cooly slip sandwiches into bags.

But life keeps getting in the way - there's his beloved grandmother's illness, and a faltering friendship with his classmate Tutti. Wry, intimate and wonderfully skewed, Ms Ice Sandwich is a poigant depiction of the naivety and wisdom of youth, just as it is passing. 

Language: English
Cover: paperback
ISBN: 978-1-78227-672-2