Japan: the world vegetarian - Reiko Hashiomoto (B-130-1-164)

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Artikelnummer: B-130-1-164

Vegetarianism has long been a feature of the Japanese diet, and in this book Reiko Hashimoto introduces the incredibly varied world of vegetarian Japanese food, offering 70 delectable recipes inclusing traditional sushi and noodle dishes, such as gyoza dumplings, fried tofu yakitori, nigiri zushi, tempura, tofu katsu curry and aubergine and padron pepper with somen noodles.

Accompanying the recipes and stunning photography, Reiko provides tips on some of the key ingredients- such as miso, tofu and seaweed- that will help you create mouth-watering Japanese vegetarian feats at home. 

Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-4729-7295-8