Boekenlegger #21 (D-Pom-17-1)

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Artikelnummer: D-Pom-17-1

The Asian Art Museum/ Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture is one of the largest museumsi n the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art. The museum's holdings include more than 18.000art objects spanning 6.000 years of history and representing countries and cultures throughout Asia.

The arts of Asia are as rich and diverse, as complex and extraordinary as Asia itself- home to 60% of the world's peoples. Although they may conform to little of what Western artists have known, there arts are born of grand traditions, nurtured talents, and splendid ideas. The colorful robes and fluttering plum blossoms in this image indicate that it expresses the spirit of springtime.

Afbeelding: Beauties of the Seasons, Hosoda Eishi
Materiaal: karton en plastic
Afmetingen: 22 x 6,8 cm