Kruidenschaar (M-MJ-108)

€ 105,00
Artikelnummer: M-MJ-108

Een Japanse kruidenschaar, met de hand gesmeed door Kenshi Terasaki. 

Herb snips 150 is ideal for harvesting and cutting herbs while cooking. The long handle lets you cut leaves and stems precisely with a stable grip. This product was hand-forged by Kenshi Terasaki who recently began running his own workshop after completing apprenticeship as the very first trainee of Osami Mizuike, the one and only veteran craftsman in Japan who makes scissors using fully hand-forged production process. By maintaining and sharpening regularly, it can be used for a long time. 

Materiaal: koolstofstaal (SK85) en ijzer
Afmetingen: 16 cm