Kalender 2024 ''Dreams of Edo'' (D-POM-CAL-24G-1)

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Artikelnummer: D-POM-CAL-24G-1

Dreams of Edo
Some of Japan's most exquisite art exists in the form of hanging scrolls and folding screens. Japanese scrolls-usually made of silk or paper dcorated with ink, gold leaf, and mineral pigment-may feature portraits or scenes from muth, Buddhist texts, everyday life, or the natural world, as in the delightful images reproduced here. Folding screens, composed of either two or six panels, feature a similar range of subjects, though they generally do not include religious scenes. Both beautiful and practical, folding screens are well suited to the changable spaces inside a traditional Japanese home. Twelve elegant scrolls and screens, dating from the 16th to the 20th century, have been selected for this calendar.

ISBN: 978-1-0875-0676-0
Afmetingen: 30,5 x 33 cm