Ko dama (木霊 ) by Asako Yamada

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木霊  (Ko dama)     木 - boom/hout       霊 - ziel

私の机から 桜の老木が愛でられます。
またパンデミックを理由に 益々自然が身近になり 山の中に足がむいています。
木霊とは山の上からの響きを指しますが 樹の魂、霊の声とも思われます。 自然に感謝します。


Vanaf mijn bureau kan ik de oude kersenbomen bewonderen.

Vanwege de pandemie komt de natuur steeds dichterbij en daarom richten mijn voeten zich naar de bergen.

Kodama verwijst naar de geluiden van de top van de berg, maar men gelooft ook dat het de ziel van de bomen kan zijn of de stem van hun ziel. Ik dank de natuur.


I can admire old cherry trees from my desk.

Also, due to the pandemic, nature is getting closer and closer and so my feet are taking direction to the mountains.

Kodama refers to the sound from the top of the mountain, but it is also believed to be the soul of the tree or to be the voice of its spirit. I thank nature.




Afmetingen: 138 x 70 cm

Why I started calligraphy - Asako Yamada

One day when I was in high school, my teacher was in a good enough mood to praise my calligraphy the whole class through. It prompted me to pursue calligraphy.

Later, he saw that I was not at all interested in traditional calligraphy. He gave me two sheets of large tatami-mat-sized Japanese paper and the most gigantic calligraphy brush I’d ever seen and said, “Get down to it! Follow your intuition.” That was the moment my insecurity of whether I was good or bad vanished. I just followed my instincts with that brush. It was a blissful moment. Nothing more. I did not possess any technique, but I selected certain characters and expressed whatever came into my mind. It felt good to have what I imagined emerge on a piece of paper in a matter of a second with a slap of a brush.

I have a special interest in the force of brushes and intensity of handwriting which represent profound pleasure of calligraphy art.

Since then, I have continued to practice the impromptu art of calligraphy. The reason, I think, Is that I aspire to live fully in the now, and not to be bound by the past or the future. A calligrapher neither draws a draft nor rehearses. Once done, a piece cannot be reworked or altered, so a calligrapher usually writes numerous pieces at a time and chooses only one to keep. Through my practice of calligraphy, an artistic expression of living in the now, I would like to continue to write characters that show no hesitation.
And here I am ……