Boek Haiku Love - The British Museum (B-010-1-180)

€ 18,35

Haiku poems usually focus on the natural world and the seasons, but many poets have also used haiku to capture the fleeting human experience. The selection presented in this book focuses on evocations of love.
Combining elegant and restrained haiku with lively senryu poems, all aspects of romantic love are explored with humour, satire, wit and compassion. Poems from the 1600s to the present day are beautifully illustrated with images from the British Museum's unrivalled collection of Japanese paintings and prints. The majority of poems come from the early seventeenth to mid nineteeth centuries and include works from the best-known Japanese classical authors, female poets and a number of contemporary writers. Nearly all are newly translated by Alan Cummings. 

From the tender and the melancholy to the witty and the ribald, the poems and images in Haiku Love comment on the most universal of human emotions. 

With 40 colour illustrations. 

Taal: Japans, Engels
Afmetingen: 15,5 x 19 x 1,4 cm
Auteur: v.a.