Boekenlegger # 12 (D-Pom-17-1)

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Artikelnummer: D-Pom-17-1

Ito Jakuchu was obsessed with painting fowl. In his 30's he sketched the barnyard birds around hum with nearly scientific attention and a trained eye for composition. Over a long career he continued to draw directly from nature, patiently observing each creature. Among the artist's bird-and-flower works, Silver Pheasant and Peonies was painted later in life, after a 1788 fire in Kyoto destroyed his home and business- an event that returned him to art with fresh determination.

Afbeelding: Silver Pheasant and Peonies, 1793
Materiaal: plastic, karton
Afmetingen: 22 x 6,8 cm