Boekenlegger # 8 (D-Pom-17-1)

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Artikelnummer: D-Pom-17-1

A woodblock artist of the sosaku hanga (creative print) movement, Kazayuki Ohtsu, handles every step of print production- painting the original pictures, carving the woodblocks, and self-publishing the prints. Ohtsu's Tsuruga Castle in Aizu balances the sweet curvature of branch and blossom with the strong lift of the castle itself. In compositions that communicate through formal harmony and restained colors a deep feeling of equipoise, the artist conveys unshakable faith in the union of human beings and the natural world.

Afbeeling: Tsuruga Castle in Aizu, 2013
Materiaal: plastic, karton
Afmetingen: 22 x 6,8 cm