Kalender 2024 "Haiku" (D-POM-CAL-24G-4)

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Artikelnummer: D-POM-CAL-24G-4

Haiku - Japanese Art and poetry
The roots of Japanese haiku reach back over a 1000 years. In this poetic form, as in life, there is a pause, a shift, in which the poet celebrates sensory awareness of the season, perhaps suggested by the scent of plum blossoms or the silence of snow-covered tree limbs. The timeless appeal of this understated poetry may be the human desire to capture one's impressions of a fleeting moment. Such seasonal allusions emphasize the essence of haiku: nature and its ephemeral beauty. This calendar features 12 haiku paired with reproductions of exquisite Japanese woodcuts. Each poem is rendered in Japanese calliraphy, Romaji transliteration, and English translation. 

ISBN: 978-1-0875-0737-8
Afmetingen: 30,5 x 33 cm